Kitchen Cabinets Steps

Before choosing a kitchen cabinet think about these questions:

  • What improvements are standard for the area?
  • How long do you plan on staying at the home?
  • What is your budget?
  • Have you selected appliances?

Other things to consider:

  • Address resale questions.  Stay within the comparable market data of other houses in the area.
  • Consider the budget and the kitchen’s current condition.
  • Decide on a kitchen layout, will you need to move electricity, water, utilities, et.?  Holly, the Indianapolis DirectBuy Kitchen Designer can give great ideas for this area.

From this point you will want to take the advise of the professionals to guide you.


Drawer Glides

What to consider when looking into drawer glides:

  • Quality, it is constructed well?  Opening and closing the drawer is quiet, smooth and supple.  Keeps the drawer level.  Avoid plastic drawer glides.  Look for good warranties.
  • Adjustability, drawers that can be easily removed or repositioned.  Be able to adjust the height and change the space between shelves.
  • Load-bearing amount, how much stuff it holds?  Bearings that will hold 75-100 are most desirable.
  • The closing mechanism, drawers that shut on their own.  Self-closing guides takes the hard shut factor out of the equation.
  • Mounting, keeps the lines clean.  Under mount glides are metal and not visible when the drawer is opened.
  • Extension depth, dig less and see more.  Makes everything visible in the drawer.


Do DirectBuy Members Wait For Sales?

We asked a few of the DirectBuy members if they wait for retail sales.  Interesting question.  Find out their answers by clicking on the video below.

One of the areas that members save a lot of money is in furniture purchases, gifts, remodeling and electronics.  We invite you to give us a call and learn more – (317)472-9810

By Lois Wyant


Is DirectBuy a Better Way to Shop?

How does someone get great quality at a great price in this economy?  A few members of DirectBuy will share with you how they do it:

DirectBuy offers savings for everything for the inside and outside of your home.  Some of our best savings are on Windows, Kitchen Remodeling and Flooring.  But we also have great savings for jewelry, gifts, electronics, and so much more.  There are over 700 vendors and one million products to choose from.

We invite you to a free Savings Seminar to learn more, just give us a call at (317)472-9810

By Lois Wyant


Karen Shares About Bathroom Project

Karen was in the club and shared about her Bathroom Remodeling Project.

Sorry about the crying baby in the background.

We have a website to give you guidance on how to start a bathroom remodeling project.  We also invite you into the club for a savings seminar to learn more about the DirectBuy of Indianapolis savings.

By Lois Wyant


Stop Don’t Buy That Until you Compare it to DirectBuy of Indianapolis

Our friend and member Samiha shares that when she sees something in a store that she likes, she stops herself from purchasing that item until she compare it to the DirectBuy pricing. She’s saves a lot of money this way.

By Lois Wyant


What is DirectBuy?

This is a common question.  It’s like the most wonderful little secret.  We asked one of our favorite little members to give a description and details about What Is DirectBuy?  We think she did a great job, and she answers a lot of common questions about DirectBuy.  But if you have additional questions or would like to come to the showroom to learn more, please give us a call, (317)472-9817

By Lois Wyant


DirectBuy’s Product Selection: What You Need To Know


Small Kitchen Tips

Not all homes have a large kitchen, mine is small (this is Lois the Indy Club Relations Director).  S mall kitchen can be frustrating because of the limits.  Here are some tips that I found:

  • Go with lighter colors to make the room feel larger.
  • Be smart and creative with your space.  Maximize the cabinets, drawers and overhead storage space.
  • Have a lot of light.  Natural light, skylights, under cabinet lights, etc.
  • Mirrors help smaller spaces appear larger.
  • Create dual purpose space.  The island has storage space underneath and serves as the kitchen table.

I added space to my kitchen by having the cabinets go up to the ceiling, I do use a step stool to get to the top shelves, but I don’t have to stack so many things on all of the lower shelves.

Please visit our facebook page and share other ideas to make a small kitchen more spacious.


DIY Don’ts, Better to Call an Expert

DIY projects can be very satisfying, there some projects of your home is best left in the hands of a professional.  It is best to hire an expert for these five home repairs.

Electrical work

Some building departments and insurance policies require permits for any sort of big electrical project. You need to hire a licensed electrician and get an inspection.

Home plumbing

Toilet or shower head maintenance can be simple, but with a major plumbing projects it’s best to trust an expert.  But if you need to install a new bathtub or start a kitchen renovation, little mistakes can add up to large amounts of damage.

Tree removal

With tall trees, high ladders, power tools, heavy branches, telephone and electrical wires, the dangers are stacked against you.

Major structural renovations

A sizable room or home renovation is a lot to handle with permits and tricky laws.  Hiring a contractor to help you navigate through the process allows you to avoid potentially hazardous situations.

Roof repair

Typically an emergency, roof repair scenarios usually require immediate attention.  There are professionals who are trained to scale rooftops and clear post-storm damage.  They also have an eye for any other structural weaknesses lingering throughout your home.

Indianapolis DirectBuy offers great savings on items for the outside and inside of your home.  Contact us for information at 317-472-9817.