Remodeling the Bathroom

Darlene shares how she made her bathroom new and just beautiful.


Member Shares How They Saved Triple Their Membership

Dennis and Kristina shared how they have saved four times or more their membership through their kitchen remodeling project and remodeling their dental office.


What is DirectBuy All About?

We put a video together to help answer questions like; “What is DirectBuy?”, “What can I buy at DirectBuy?”, “How much money can I save on my projects with DirectBuy?” and many other questions. A must see video:


Tips to Make a Small Kitchen Feel Bigger

Some tips to make a small kitchen feel bigger:

  • Use the tallest upper cabinets that you can.  Take them to the ceiling.
  • A built in bench can solve a tight seating situation.
  • Unify with color.  Think monochromatic.
  • Mirrored backsplash tiles.
  • Continue the backsplash all they way up to the ceiling, makes the kitchen feel taller.
  • Keep things off the counter.
  • Open shelving.
  • White or light colored cabinets.


Tips to Make a Living Room Feel Bigger

A few tips to help your living room feel bigger:

  • Eliminate big, rolled arms on sofas and chairs.
  • Two smaller cocktail tables over a larger coffee table.
  • Use one or two pieces of large-scale furniture and art instead of small pieces.  It will seem less cluttered.
  • Use a Lucite or glass coffee table.
  • Connect each space with a color scheme that runs throughout the space.
  • Furniture away from the walls.


Making a Bathroom Feel Bigger

Some tips we found to make a bathroom feel bigger:

  • The largest mirrors you can.
  • Light color schemes.
  • Tile the entire bathroom.
  • Use a bold wallcovereing
  • Install shelves over the toilet for more counter area.
  • Glass shower doors.
  • Add a skirt to a pedestal sink to add more storage space.



Our Friend Richard Shares About DirectBuy

One of our members was in the showroom the other day and he asked if he could share what he likes about DirectBuy, well of course we said yes.  Please watch below to see what Richard thinks about DirectBuy and if you would like to have the same great savings and great experience that he has, give us a call for a Free Savings Seminar at (317)472-9817.

DirectBuy of Indianapolis can help you save a lot of money and give you terrific service.  Are you planning a remodeling project?  Or just like to save money on your shopping for your home?  Give us a call for a free Savings Seminar and find out how you can save, (317)472-9810

By Lois Wyant


A Member’s Answer – Is DirectBuy a Scam?

We asked one of our members, Darlene, what would she say to a friend or someone who might ask “Is DirectBuy a Scam? She said that that is what she thought before actually looked into it.  Find out what she things now:

 DirectBuy of Indianapolis offers great savings throughout the home, inside and outside.  You are invited to a free Savings Seminar to see how you can save money, please call (317)472-9810.

By Lois Wyant


What to Expect at a Savings Seminar

If you have been invite to a Savings Seminar at DirectBuy, you might be thinking “what is this?”

We asked members what they were thinking when they were invited to a Savings Seminar.  Their thoughts are probably similar to yours.  Watch and see:

If you are planning a project this year; kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, new flooring, replacing windows, etc.  You will be surprised at the great savings that you will receive at DirectBuy.  Let us show you, schedule a free savings seminar by calling (317)472-9810.

By Lois Wyant


What Kind of Brands Will You Find at DirectBuy?

We asked a few of our members this question, “what type of brands will you find at DirectBuy”

Here are their answers:

Three of our most popular areas for our members include:

Kitchen Cabinets



We invite you to check out some of our brands that we work with and then give us a call for more details and we even invite you to our showroom for a free Savings Seminar, (317)472-9810

By Lois Wyant