What is DirectBuy?

This is a common question.  It’s like the most wonderful little secret.  We asked one of our favorite little members to give a description and details about What Is DirectBuy?  We think she did a great job, and she answers a lot of common questions about DirectBuy.  But if you have additional questions or would like to come to the showroom to learn more, please give us a call, (317)472-9817

By Lois Wyant


DirectBuy’s Product Selection: What You Need To Know


Small Kitchen Tips

Not all homes have a large kitchen, mine is small (this is Lois the Indy Club Relations Director).  S mall kitchen can be frustrating because of the limits.  Here are some tips that I found:

  • Go with lighter colors to make the room feel larger.
  • Be smart and creative with your space.  Maximize the cabinets, drawers and overhead storage space.
  • Have a lot of light.  Natural light, skylights, under cabinet lights, etc.
  • Mirrors help smaller spaces appear larger.
  • Create dual purpose space.  The island has storage space underneath and serves as the kitchen table.

I added space to my kitchen by having the cabinets go up to the ceiling, I do use a step stool to get to the top shelves, but I don’t have to stack so many things on all of the lower shelves.

Please visit our facebook page and share other ideas to make a small kitchen more spacious.


DIY Don’ts, Better to Call an Expert

DIY projects can be very satisfying, there some projects of your home is best left in the hands of a professional.  It is best to hire an expert for these five home repairs.

Electrical work

Some building departments and insurance policies require permits for any sort of big electrical project. You need to hire a licensed electrician and get an inspection.

Home plumbing

Toilet or shower head maintenance can be simple, but with a major plumbing projects it’s best to trust an expert.  But if you need to install a new bathtub or start a kitchen renovation, little mistakes can add up to large amounts of damage.

Tree removal

With tall trees, high ladders, power tools, heavy branches, telephone and electrical wires, the dangers are stacked against you.

Major structural renovations

A sizable room or home renovation is a lot to handle with permits and tricky laws.  Hiring a contractor to help you navigate through the process allows you to avoid potentially hazardous situations.

Roof repair

Typically an emergency, roof repair scenarios usually require immediate attention.  There are professionals who are trained to scale rooftops and clear post-storm damage.  They also have an eye for any other structural weaknesses lingering throughout your home.

Indianapolis DirectBuy offers great savings on items for the outside and inside of your home.  Contact us for information at 317-472-9817.


What is a DirectBuy Club?


Small Room Ideas to Maximize Space

Working with a small bedroom or tight space.  Don’t let the size of the room limit your style, here are some ideas to make the most of your small space.

Eye-catching ceilings

Use a bright color paint or wallpaper on the ceiling to draw the eye upward.  This will make the ceiling appear higher, giving the room a larger feel overall.

Light walls and floors

Docrating with light colors on the walls and floor feels like a breeze is always flowing.  It also helps reflect natural light and keep the room feeling open.

Secret Stoarge

Add ottomans, coffee tables and desks to add storage space.  Store blankets, remotes, books and other items to keep it out of the way.

Wall Shelves

Adding shelves will give more storage without taking away from floor space.  Shelves near the ceiling will help draw the eye upward even more.

Less is More

Choose a few medium-sized or bigger decorations rather than crowding the room with lots of small objects.

Spread the Light

Place a few smaller lamps to spared light in different directions.  Strategically placed mirrors also reflect light to create the illusion of more space.  Try placing a large mirror opposite a window for a spacious appearance.

Exposed legs

Try to find furniture with exposed legs rather than skirted or covered lets.  This covers less floor space and creates more visual space, too.


Stash in Style Organization Tips

A cluttered and chaotic room causes stress and the mood of everyone in the home.  Here are some great dual-purpose furniture ideas to help organize and de-clutter.

Living Room

An storage ottoman is a great solution to keep the living room spotless.  Store extra blankets, throw pillows, remotes, books and more.  Then put your feet up and relax in the tidy room.


A storage bench at the foot of the bed not only gives extra seating but also a place to store out-of-season clothes.  A rolling storage mirror adds functionality and convenience.  End tables with shelves and drawer are an essential for your bedside necessities.


Open up your drawers for more items by using a display rack for your pots and pans.  Find one with a countertop to add additional space for cooking and preparing food.  Wine racks can add organization for your kitchen or dining area by displaying wine boggles and cooking ingredients to allow you to find items quickly.


An outdoor hutch for the patio is an ideal stage for potted plants and flower beds with the secret elements of storage.  Store gardening tools and gloves, pet leashes and other outdoor equipment.

Indianapolis DirectBuy offers a wide collection of home decor, furniture and storage items at tremendous value to our members.  Learn more about benefits by calling 317-472-9817.


Kitchen Remodel

According to Cost vs Value Report, the average cost of a minor kitchen remodel is $18,856, a majoy kitchen remodel is $54,909 and an upscale remodel with premium appliances is $109, 935.

Cost versus value is where DirectBuy really excels compared to what can be pruchased at the local retail store.

If you are on a tight budget, our designers will work with you to ensure that you get the best dollar value for your kitchen remodel.  Providing pricing flexibility that members can appreciate in addition to nicer counter tops, cabinets, flooring and luxury appliances.

Creating the design will include the discussions of how long do you plan to stay in the house and is this your dream kitchen?

“For me this was a temporary kitchen, we moved into a building that we owned after selling our home of 27 years.  I knew that this was not our permanent location, but a place to be until we could sell the second building and then determined where we would move to after that.  Holly was amazing at helping me select the kitchen and I loved her design.   Because my husband was critical about the savings and wanted to make sure we got the best savings, I compared all of my purchases with the larger store.  For my small kitchen we saved over $3,000 for the cabinets, the countertop was over a 50% savings and the tile for the back splash was also over a 50% savings.  I’m very pleased with my final kitchen and the savings,” Lois Wyant




Emser Tile

Looking for some great tile?  We visited Emser Tile to learn more.


Tips to Make Your Bedroom Feel Bigger

We are on a roll with making rooms feel bigger, so let’s go to the bedroom:

  • Put beds on risers and make bedskirts long enough to cover the risers.
  • Hang swing-arm lamps over the bed.
  • Hang a shelf on the side of the bed can look very modern and take the place of a bedside table.
  • Eliminate footboards.
  • Murphy beds.
  • Maximize closet space with a closet system.
  • Don’t use a traditional big dresser.
  • Add a large mirror.
  • Double duty headboards, use a bookcase.