Espey Flooring at DirectBuy of Indianapolis

Espey flooring shared with us the variety and quality of hard wood flooring that they offer. A good quality to check out:

By Lois Wyant


Darlene Makes the Kitchen Her Own

Darlene shares how she came to update and fall in love with her kitchen. The kitchen with a “Wow Factor”.


Saving Money on Carpet – Pretty Happy

Molly, only a member for a week, is so excited about the money she saved on her carpet purchase. There are so many ways you can save with a DirectBuy of Indianapolis membership.


Sharing With Friends

We asked John and Susie what would they tell friends about DirectBuy of Indianapolis:


Chandelier Shopping

George shared the process that he went through to get his chandeliers through DirectBuy and saved money.


Great Savings Since 2011

A member shares his happiness and success remodeling his house with his DirectBuy membership:


How to Avoid Scams after a Disaster

We found some tips on how to protect yourself after a disaster:

  • Always get multiple estimages.
  • Never agree to a door-to-door solicitation.
  • For any property inspections – be on-site.
  • Never work with a company with a temporary office.
  • Check licensing with state or local officials.  You could even check with Angie’s List.
  • Verify bonding and insurance.
  • Don’t tell a contractor how much your policy will cover the damages.
  • Don’t but down large down payments.  Don’t put over 1/3 of the jobs cost as money upfront.
  • Never sign over your insurance settlement upfront and avoid companies offering to help pay your deductible.
  • Get lien waivers from contractor at time of making payment for materials and work for proof of payment.
  • Don’t sign any contract with blank spaces and make sure to maintain a copy of the contract.


California Closet Options

Jennifer shares some options that you could add to your closet using California Closet and their great features:


Let’s Talk Paint – Choose a Color

Yeah, it’s spring.  I’m sure it is here to stay (hope, hope).

Maybe you are ready to paint, we are looking forward to painting our house.  Let’s talk about how to choose colors.

The color wheel is designed to show relationships to colors.  Let’s look at the 7 options on the color wheel.

  1. Complementary colors – these are colors opposite of each other on the color wheel, the strongest contrast.  Complements intensify each other.
  2. Harmonious colors – 3 to 6 colors that are close together on the color wheel.The shared underlying color gives a coherent, sophisticated look.
  3. Hue – the clear, pure range colors on the wheel.
  4. Primary – red, bue and yellow.  All other colors are derived from these three.
  5. Monochromatic – color schemes that are shades and tints of one color, like brown or taupe or shades of blue.
  6. Secondary colors – mix of two primary colors, like violet or green.
  7. Triad colors – three colors that are equally spaced on the color wheel like red, yellow and blue.
  8. Value/Tone – degree of lightness or darkness of a color.  This is determined by adding black to create a shade, white to create a tint or gray to create a tone.

Now to determine what type of look do you want for your room or house?


Remodeling the Bathroom

Darlene shares how she made her bathroom new and just beautiful.