Grand Forest Floors

Our representative vendor from Grand Forest Floors gave us an amazing education on hard wood floors. I know I learned a lot! Check it out:

By Lois Wyant


What Have Members Purchased Through Directbuy?

We asked a few members to share with you what they have purchased through Directbuy.  You are going to be surprised by their answers:


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Create a Backyard Oasis

Here are some tips to create your very own outdoor oasis:

  • Prepare for adequate seating in durable material such as wood, all-weather wicker or metal.  Add comfort with outdoor pillows and cushions, several DirectBuy vendors offers cushions.
  • Plan for meals, consider table space, grill and accessories, outdoor dinnerware and more.
  • Lighting, can add a beautiful ambience and calm mood.  Consider choices like hanging string lights, paper lanterns, fire pit or outdoor candles.
  • Consider adding greenery to add beauty and a bit of privacy.
  • Safeguard against bugs, using citronella candles or tiki torches.
  • Outdoor playroom, add traditional outdoor recreation items.  Sidewalk chalk, bubbles, swing set, sandbox, pool, hula hoops, frisbees, balls, etc.
  • A big-ticket item you’ll love forever.  When ready consider a hot tub, outdoor kitchen, you’re outdoor retreat.

DirectBuy can help save money in all of these areas and suggest vendors that can make the assembly much easier.


Roofing Scams

Tis the season for outdoor home improvement, are you ready for a new roof?  If yes, be aware of these 5 common roofing scams:

  • The “elevator ride” – be careful of contractors who come in with a very low bid.  They realize that you may not be experienced in hiring for a roof replacement and after starting the job, unexpected costs and unforeseen problems suddenly appear.  Make sure the roofing contract contains a section that lists the total cost of labor plus materials, as well as how the contractor will handle damage to the roof’s decking.
  • High pressure sales – be aware that if a contractor is pressuring you to sign a contract right away, they probably are presenting a higher bid and want to force the contract before you have the chance to get other bids.  Make sure not to put any money down on the project before starting.  Beware of a roofer who requires “both decision makers” to be present for the consultation and if for any reason you feel uncomfortable, ask them to leave.
  • Storm chasers – also known as roofing gypsies.  They follow the heavy storms, areas hit be hail or wind damage looking for unsuspecting homeowners.  Storm chasers generally do the minimum to replace a roof and usually won’t address any other problem or restore the roof to its original condition.  Ask to see proof of insurance, check license status with the local building department or licensing agency.  You might also visit their office, if they only provide a PO box, that is a red flag.
  • Door-to-door salesman – they will target senior citizens, older homes or areas where a major storm has hit.  They generally will offer a free inspection and create damage to the roof or show photos from a different roof to get the job.
  • Disappearing down payment – the company may ask for a deposit or convince the homeowner to sign over or cash an insurance check as down payment and disappear.  Never pay a deposit until supplies have been delivered.


Outdoor Kitchen Design Tips

As the weather stays warmer, we gravitate outdoors and enjoy the time together.  What about meal time?  An outdoor kitchen can add to the party.

We located some tips to consider for creating an outdoor kitchen.

The first step is to determine how much space can be devoted to it.  You don’t want to take up too much space and eliminate too much yard, seating or landscaping.  Yet, if it’s too small you might be spending almost as much time inside getting needed items.  It is a good idea to get some graph paper to plot location of appliances, cabinets and utility connections.  A DirectBuy supplier; Danver Stainless Outdoor Kitchens offers a free microsoft copy & paste kitchen design program and one of our preferred vendors, Energy Secure Solutions also offers a computer program that can assist you in the design and insulations.

The choice of flooring for the cooking area will depend on the style and the budget.  Options include:

  • Poured concrete foundation
  • Lay pavers
  • Gravel
  • Natural stone surfaces

Appliances to consider:

  • Grill
  • Pizza oven or hearth
  • Cooktop
  • Griddle
  • Rotisserie
  • Refrigerator
  • Wine cooler
  • Traditional oven
  • An island that houses a sink with sturdy cabinets

Professionals that might be needed:

  • Plumber
  • Electrician
  • Mason
  • General contractor


Is Now a Good Time for DirectBuy?

We asked a few of our members if this is a good time to be a DirectBuy shopper.  It was an over whelming yes, see for yourself:

By Lois Wyant


New Empty Nest Conversions

If you are an empty nester you may be considering what to do with that empty room.  Home gym, office or maybe a guest room, in case the kids come back for a “visit”.

Here are some questions to ask about changing that empty room to a quest room:

  • Is you child’s bed size appropriate to accommodate guests?
  • Would changing the flooring give a more grown-up touch?
  • Have you been wanting to experiment with a new color?
  • Will you regret not leaving some sentimental elements of your child’s room intact?

After answering these questions you might want to consider if you want to refinish or paint the furniture or maybe combine two bedrooms to make more space or create a different closet space.


What to Consider When Hiring a Contractor

A contractor can make a remodeling project a joy or a really big hassle.  Word-of-mouth is a great way to get a good contractor, please note that Indianapolis DirectBuy does have a referral list.  Here are three things to check:

  • Check references about their satisfaction.
  • Be cautious if they ask for a big down payment up front.
  • Check to see if they belong to trade associations and if they are insured.

Holly and Tom are very familiar with the contractors referred by the Indy DirectBuy and will be good at referring the appropriate contractor for your project.


How Does DirectBuy Work?


Cabinet Wood Species

There are a lot of things to consider when selecting cabinetry.  Besides style, style of doors, type of finish, custom or stock, there is also the type of wood.

Here are some options:

  • Alder – moderately light and slightly soft hardwood.  It does have a smooth surface, a little grain and may display pin knots.
  • Cherry – moderate in hardness, weight and strength.  Has a fine to medium patters with a relatively smooth surface.
  • Hickory – very heavy, hard and dense.  Offers a bold, prominent grain patters, water stains and sound knots.
  • Maple – strong, heavy wood with a tight, uniformed grain pattern and smooth surface.
  • Oak – heavy wood that is very hard with an open grain pattern and textured surface.
  • Rustic Cherry – a more unrefined wood, natural characteristics of pits, sap wood and knots are accentuated.
  • Rustic Hickory – extreme color on the same board, irregular characteristics associated with tree growth.
  • Rustic Maple – will show some random blends of the common, naturally-occurring characteristics and colors throughout the cabinetry.
  • Walnut – a rich chocolate or purplish brown in color with hints of grey, black and dark blue.  It has a beautiful grain pattern and the only dark brown domestic hardwood.
  • White Oak – a strong grain and rays that are more pronounced and longer than Red Oaks.  The heartwood is light to medium tan with sapwood slightly contrasting creamy-white.