Kitchen Remodeling Trends

The kitchen designer of Indianapolis DirectBuy shared the upcoming trends of kitchen remodeling.  You will find this to be really helpful information if you are planning on a kitchen remodeling project this year.

DirectBuy of Indianapolis has created other videos to help those who are remodeling, building, redecorating, or making any changes in your home.

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How To Select Hardware

Holly did a great job in this video giving suggestions on how to select hardware for your cabinets.


Lawn Repair

Common lawn problems:

Lack of sunlight – Too much shade can cause damaged grass areas.  Some options could include; adding a perennial garden or opting for a shade-loving ground cover.

Crabgrass and other weeds – Apply corn gluten meal, a natural alternative to chemical herbicides, to your lawn in early spring to lessen the growth of harmful weeds.  Use a good fertilizer about mid-spring.  Once it is time to mow the lawn, keep the grass a little longer, this will starve out crabgrass.

Patchy grass – Have the pH level of the soil checked.  You may need some limestone added to your soil if it is too acidic or sulfur if the soil has too much alkaline.

Grubs, sod webworms and other pests – These pests feed off of grass roots.  They also attract other pests like raccoons and moles.  It is best to call a lawn care professional to get rid of them.

Bald spots – Replace grass in bald spots before weeds fill in.  Dig up the damaged spot, supplement the soil  with compost and fertilizer.  Plant seeds, cover with straw and keep moist until it germinates.


4 Things To Never Us On Your Carpet

Protect your investment and never use the following on your carpet.

  1. Bleach  – Bleach strips things of color, this is true with carpet.
  2. White wine  – White wine is known to neutralize red wine stains, there are better ways to get rid of stains.
  3. Abrasive cleansers  – Carpet fibers can fray and tear if you vigorously use abrasive cleansers or cleaning utensils for removing stains.
  4. Laundry detergent  – What works on your clothes is not good on your carpet.  Detergent could create a soapy mess in your carpet and be hard to remove.


When to Plan A Kitchen Remodeling Project for John and Susie?

John and Susie share when they decided to start their kitchen remodeling project and how long the project took.


Your Favorite Part of Your New Kitchen

We asked John and Susie what is their favorite part of their new kitchen.


Mirror Decorating

Mirrors are a unique way to decorate your home and we did find some great do’s and don’ts with mirror decorating.

First the DO’s

  • A large mirror can give an illusion of depth and be a great addition to a small room.
  • Make the mirror a focal point in the room.
  • Mirrors work well in narrow hallways and staircases.
  • Mirrored furniture can help make a

Then there are the DON’Ts

  • Don’t use a mirror just to fill in an empty space, make sure that there is something worth while being reflected into the mirror.
  • Mirrors aren’t a good item in the kitchen and should be careful about the location in a bedroom.
  • Don’t use mirrors on a ceiling.

We have some great mirrors and beautiful mirrored furniture, if you need assistance, please let us know.


What Would You Have Done Differently?

We asked John and Susie what would they have done differently with their kitchen remodeling project.


Matthew Shares

Matthew is updating his house and shared about his experience with DirectBuy. Matthew is one of our favorite members, he just makes the club smile.

Here is his story:


Great Savings on Her Dining Room Set

Samiha shares how she was able to get the dining room set that she wanted and save a lot of money at the same time by purchasing it through DirectBuy. “No one can match the savings made at DiretBuy.”

By Lois Wyant